Platform Apps – Do you need to Hire an App Developer anymore

Mar 20, 2023 | App

Platform apps are created with a builder, so no coding knowledge is required! Think of them like the Wix and Squarespace of the app world. You are provided with building blocks and you can assemble them however you want, with some restrictions.

Things to Consider when using a Platform App Builder

Monthly Fees

All apps must be hosted, so you will have to pay a hosting fee no matter what. Platform apps, just like platform websites usually charge a monthly subscription rate based on the features and server size you need.

Widgets and Modules Only

When using a builder you are limited to a few pre-built widgets or modules, so you can’t build whatever you want, you must stay within the confines of the widgets. Much can be accomplished this way, but be aware you are using a template.

The Learning Curve

While you now have access to programs that let you build apps without knowing code, there is still a pretty steep learning curve. Be prepared to spend hours doing research and learning best practices and troubleshooting problems.

Reasons to still hire an app development company

This is their job

Just like doing your own car repairs, it’s possible to do things on your own, but it will cost you more time and frustration on your own than if you simply hired a professional. An app development company will also be up to speed on the latest security and design trends and give you a better product in the end.

You don’t have time

Unless you have hours and hours to invest in learning a new trade, it will be a better use of your time to hire a professional to handle the app building and maintenance.

Your customers deserve a quality product

The last reason to opt for professional help is probably the most important. If the app you create is not easy to use and well designed, your customers will not use it. So it is imperative that you give them the best possible experience.

Questions about app development?

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