Paper Marketing VS Digital Marketing: What’s a Wise Investment (Part 1)

Aug 20, 2015 | Other

Author: Mike Bigari


This is Part 1 of Paper Marketing vs an APP. The intention is that by the end of my case study you’ll see a better, more cost effective solution to market to and engage your customers!

I decided to start my Case Study with ValPak, and the results are staggering! Every month we receive a ValPak at my house. If you’re unfamiliar, ValPak is an envelope full of Coupons and Specials from mostly local companies and a few national Franchises. Maybe you’re one of the companies that advertise this way, or in a similar fashion.

1. Initial Call

I called ValPak and asked about pricing. She told me that in the Grand Rapids Mi Market there are 16 Zip Codes. The minimum mailings they will do is 10,000 and Max is 160,000 all are per month. They have National Plans too, but for my case study I want it to be local only, as thats where you spend the majority of your marketing dollars.

2. Initial Pricing

Mailers Start at .04 Cents and go down to .02 Cents per mailer the more you do. They also have 6 Month and 12 month plans! So the avg cost is $400 per month Per 10,000 mailers up to $3,200 per month up to 160,000 mailers. Per year $4800 low and $38,400

3. ValPak’s Sales Pitch

The gal I spoke with said “ we’ll connect you with a minimum 10,000 customers you didn’t have”. Really? When I asked 15 people what they do with ValPak when they receive it, it’s a 60/40 split! 40% Throw it away, and 60% skim and toss, never read each one fully! My belief is if I had surveyed a hundred or more people this number would drop, and be in favor of Throwing it Away!


Call Grand Apps. We can build you a Custom APP that will allow you to share specials, and connect with your customers to their phones, and social media in one click getting guaranteed views! The best part is it costs quite a bit less to have an APP than to market with ValPak!

Our Social Media Division gets a 95% connectivity rate. Call today and ask for Mike!