Paid Vs Free Apps For Businesses

Oct 10, 2015 | Marketing

Just over $8 billion worth of mobile apps were sold in 2014. In 2015, everyone is trying to cash in on the app goldrush. But before launching a mobile marketing strategy, you should ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish with your mobile app? We wanted to break down really quick some differences between paid versus free apps.


A mobile app is an extension of your brand and business. A free app allows users to download with limited barriers of entry. People will not think twice when downloading a mobile app that is free because if they don’t like it, they can simply delete it.

An example of a free mobile app would be a restaurant trying to get customers to download the app so they can place orders with the app. This will increase business for the restaurant because they will not be accepting mobile orders.

Free mobile apps want to get as many users to come to the app & use it in a way that will generate revenue for the business. Restaurants can offer ordering, hotels can offer booking, gyms can offer class scheduling and tons of other industries can work the exact same way. Use the free app to get as many people you can to the app, then provide huge call to action return on investment features built into the app.


Paid apps are going to be a little more tricky to get tons of downloads, but we have found some success with clients. We actually helped a few clients make over $9,000 with their mobile app by offering a paid version, see full case study here.

A good paid app would be an app for a person with a huge following or very, very loyal community built up around them. For example, we worked with tons of fitness athletesthat had huge communities built up around them and these followers were more apt to download their apps. Like that case study, some clients made over $9,000 by selling fitness workout plans.

Either way, paid or free, a mobile app is a great way to engage with your community. We recommend just talking to us to find out how a mobile app could benefit your business.