Our Top 2 Engaging App Features

Aug 18, 2015 | App

We have built over 70+ mobile app features that our clients use on a daily basis, but some are more engaging than others. We wanted to break down a quick top two app features that are some of the highest engaging features you can use to communicate with customers.

Push Notifications

Push messages are one of the most engaging features you can build in your mobile app. Grand Apps really focuses on helping businesses engage with customers and our push notification system has helped hundreds.

Our push messages allow you to target customers by geo locations. You can set up a fence around an area and when they enter, BOOM they will receive your message. Just think about placing a message around competition. When they step in your competitors location, they receive your message.

The video below shows more about push notifications.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is highly engaging because it allows users to shop on your app. We have tons of features like food ordering, mobile shopping and mobile reservations. These features are highly engaging because they allow users to come to your app, engage with shopping activities & leave your app satisfied with their experience.

The commerce tools allow users to perform tasks they would normally do, but faster. Instead of them driving to your store to purchase a pizza or call on the phone (we all know everyone hates that nowadays) they can instead just pick up the app and do this task in seconds. When you make customers lives easier, your life becomes easier as well.

Video how to use the food ordering tab.

So if you’re ready to get mobile and want to engage customers, just give us a call or email us.