Grand Apps Clients. Pokemon Go. Sales Increase 59%.

Jul 18, 2016 | App, Industry News

A good social media plan is a mixture of strategic content planned out for months mixed with a little room for trending topics. No matter how much prep you could have done in late 2015 / early 2016, you could never expected Pokemon Go to happen, but it did. That’s why as social media marketers you always need to be on the lookout for these opportunities.

Grand Apps is an app development company, but we also have 3 division in our company; App development, Web design and social media marketing.

This is a quick example how we used trending topics to increase a clients sales 59%.

PS: We have the email just below so you know we are not just blowing smoke.

PSS: This is something our team came up with in literally one day upon noticing this. Yeah, we take action fast, and create some massive results. #BestSocialTeamInTheCity

PSSS: We literally spent $10 for our clients ad spend to turn that into 59% increase. Tell us where you get that from billboard, radio or print? We will be waiting….

What did we do?

Well we started to look at our marketplace, Grand Rapids. We noticed there was a huge meet up with over 5,000 people attending a Pokemon Go meet up event on Friday night. Immediately we looked at what clients we had in the downtown market that would really benefit from this increase of traffic and we wanted to find a way to convert them. Below are some steps we took to get them in the door.

1) We needed to come up with a deal to offer.

We created a social graphic with a special just for that client. Our special was to run a percent discount off your entire check by showing the clerk your Pokemon Go level. So if you’re level 5, you get 5% off your bill. If you’re level 10, you get 10% off. We capped at 25%. The great thing is that Pokemon Go is so new, not too many people locally are at huge level ranks.

2) We then took to our graphics team to make a custom content piece for social.

Our creatives thought about having a menu item being captured by a Pokeball. The pokeball will be highly recognizable and still keep our the brand continuity across channels. Below is the post.


3) We needed to boost this content to rank higher! Let’s spend Money!!!

So we then only boosted this in a highly targeted radius close to the store location for only $10. As you already know the ending of this awesome success story, it ended up in 59% increase in sales.

4) In store graphics

Time was ticking….it was like 4:45pm and we wanted to get everything up before people got out on 5pm on Friday to go #CatchEmAll. We rushed our team to make some in store graphics and have the GM post all over so when people came in, they would see this.

Overall Summary

Well as you can imagine…it was a huge success! Happy client, happy life.

If you want to find out about Grand Apps and the best social media marketing team in Grand Rapids, just contact us 🙂