Optimizing a Blog for SEO

Feb 28, 2018 | SEO, Web


While keywords are important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’s important not to use too many. Using too many keywords will cause the the search engine to think you’re “keyword stuffing” or inserting keywords just to increase your search engine ranking. Just 1-2 keywords per post will not make them sound forced on the reader and will better help you focus on where to insert them rather than trying to juggle 6-7. Making sure they are in the right place also makes a significant impact, so make sure to put them where Google and your reader can see them clearly. These places include the Title, and in the first sentence so they’re one of the first words people see, a few times in the body paragraphs to get your point across , and the URL so the search engine knows what your post is about.


Visuals are key for blog posts, so when you insert more pictures the better. Pictures can help visually express what you’re saying in your blog, but that’s not the only thing you need to look out for. Alt text is very important for SEO as it helps the search engine determine what your picture is since the machine can’t physically see it. Alt text will display the image container when it can’t be seen and display text written by you explaining what the picture is or how it’s associated with your blog. This can also help when the image is distorted or if the reader has a visual impairment.

URL Structuring

Optimizing your URL can help make it easier for search engines and readers to understand what your blog post is about. Since each blog post will have its own URL, this can give you the opportunity to edit the URL to your liking so each post is different. So, if your writing a blog about web management, it would make sense to have something about “web” or “management at the end of your URL. When search engines are able to pick out these words from your URL, it will make it easier for them to put you in a higher ranking for users searching for the type of material your writing about.