One Billion Smartphones Coming Soon & Cool Mobile App Stats

Nov 5, 2014 | App, Industry News

It is projected by 2015, we will see 1 billion smartphones sold. To put this into perspective, that is about twice as many personal computers. Currently we are seeing trends that tell us the average mobile app user spends more than 30 hours a month on over two dozen apps.

Up, Up & More Up

The mobile industry shows no signs of slowing down. Out of the app users spending these massive amounts of time on the apps, about 46% of them paid for their apps. We are looking at numbers that take us into 2017, predicting over 75+ billion dollars worth of revenue with over 268 billion app downloads. It just keeps going up!

Last Year Stats

– 31% of app users use about 6 or more apps every single week

– 51% use handfuls of apps once per week

– 57% of app users who downloaded apps said they use them daily

We are seeing trends of people spending more and more time on apps. They are becoming used to going to an app over a website. Before, businesses would push others in the direction to their website but it might be time to start thinking mobile apps > websites.

Age Breakdown

18-24 users are around 28 apps per month and spending about 37+ hours on these apps. This is well over 1 hour per day on their app or about 360+ hours per year.

25-34 is a little lower, but only coming in at 35+ hours per month, about 2 less hours…they probably have more responsibilities like better careers & families, not partying & “studying”.

People ARE Paying

About 52% of people buying apps said that they have paid max $5 for the app. Only about 17% of people have paid $20 or more for an app. But the positive note is that people are buying apps! They are willing to spend their hard earned money on your mobile app for your businesses, so why not give them what they are spending their money on?


If you can sell the app, do it. If you can target the age range that people are spending 300+ hours per year on the app, do it. All of these stats point to the huge growth & areas of opportunity for your businesses to increase revenue and expand your footprint, right in the customers pocket.

We wish you a successful app marketing campaign!