New Team Member | MacKenzie Gomez

Jul 22, 2016 | Grandapps News

We are excited to share with you our newest addition to our team. World meet MacKenzie, our newest project manager here at Grand Apps.

We sat down with her to do a little Q&A and get some feedback so you can get to know her a little better.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself? Background? Experience? Your journey?

West Michigan has been my home since birth! After graduating high school at Rockford, I chose to attend college at Central Michigan University. While there I started studying to be a Math Teacher. As I was going through the program I had a communications class that changed my entire outlook on where I wanted my career to go! After meeting with the professor of that class I decided to change my major to Public Relations and haven’t looked back since! In order to obtain my degree, I had to complete a 300 hour internship. This lead me to the next chapter of my life journey in Chicago, IL. I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2011 and started my internship at Helping Hand Center in Countryside, IL. I worked hand and hand with the Marketing Director and learned a great deal about working in the “real world”. When my daughter was born, my husband and I decided to move ship back to the BEST place to raise a family- Grand Rapids, MI. I worked a couple part time customer service jobs before finding a full-time position at Art Optical Contact Lens. This was my first official full-time job, but the position was not in my area of expertise. I was able to find a Marketing job at West Michigan Chiropractic Center and had a great time learning all about health and wellness. My position at WMCC turned into an Office Manager position where I was getting really good experience in management, but again was lacking the Marketing/PR I yearn for! Which is what lead me to Grand Apps! I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been given by GA!

What do you love most about Grand Apps so far?

My absolute favorite part about working for Grand Apps is the unity and collaboration while working on projects! It truly feels like a family and I was welcomed with open arms! I also enjoy the positive energy and fast pace!

How do you see yourself helping the company grow to reach new heights?

My number one goal is to make Grand Apps my forever career! I will be continuously make sure we are staying organized and on schedule with projects. My hope is to have the sales team annoyed with me asking for new projects.

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Is a hotdog a sandwich?

It is definitely not a sandwich. When I think of a sandwich it has 2 pieces of bread… if anything I would say it could be called a sub. HOWEVER- if you were to ask my Grandpa he would call it Breakfast.