New Team Member Highlight | Welcome, Sesugh!

Jun 26, 2017 | Grandapps News

Grand Apps is expanding the sales team this summer 2017 and we’re very excited to bring on an awesome new member of he GA Family.

We formally introduce the world to Sesugh!

We’re excited about his decision to join the team because we think he will bring a lot of value to everyone he is around.

We sat down with him as we always do for a quick welcome chat.

1. I know you have a background story that is unique. Can you tell us a little more about it?

I’m originally Nigerian, and i came to the States 5 years ago for college. I graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing. During my time at Calvin i had good job opportunities at Apples and Oranges PR, New York and Northwestern Mutual, as well as Bankers Life insurance when i graduated last year. In the same year i met Chris for the first time through another business associate of mine and i wouldn’t have believed anyone if they told me i would be working at Grand Apps the very next year. I’m very excited for this next chapter of my life and to be able to learn from the footsteps of those ahead of me.

2. You’re stepping into sales, what is the best piece of advice you can give someone new in sales?

High Activity is the key to sales. low activity = low production and high activity = high production

3. You also make music right? Can you give us some of your hottest tracks? *Yes we will link them below 😉

I sure do!! You got it! here’s a couple…

4. What attracted you to work at Grand Apps?

What i see at Grand Apps is Drive & Ambition. You can be driven without ambition and you can have ambition without the drive to bring it to fulfillment, which both take you nowhere. However, when you combine ambition with drive, now we’re going to get somewhere and Grand Apps without a doubt be it in its fun atmosphere or simply the focus and sanguine personality have proven that ambition and drive is top of the charts and i wouldn’t agree more! this is where i need to be!

5. Best quote you use for motivation..annnnnnnd go!

“You are going to die” (Get up, show up, execute the system & and expect results)