New iOS & Android Feature Update

Oct 30, 2015 | Industry News

Happy Halloween everyone! Grand Apps is excited to announce some new features launching with our latest source code. We have rebuilt our membership tabs, push notifications and subscription features.

These huge upgrades will help out hundreds of clients using our platform. Without further wait…let’s get started.

New Membership Accounts Feature

  • Create multiple logins for your mobile app

  • Assign users to specific groups and customize their access levels in the app

  • Enable the guest login to provide non-users with limited access

  • Set a custom graphic for the login screen


New Subscription Feature (Push Notifications)

This pretty much works like email subscription lists. Just how you set up different categories in your email marketing, you can now do this with your push notifications.

When sending out messages to users, you can better target your app users without bombarding others with messages that do not relate to them at the time. All of the messages will be viewable in the Messages tab, regardless of their subscription settings, but only the users on that list will receive alerts from the message sent out.

New Push Notifications – Very Targeted


You can now select targeted groups to send messages too. You can send out to subscription users or certain user groups. You can even send to one specific person.

Certain people will sign up for certain subscriptions and you can click to send them a message directly.

Lastly you can send messages to just user groups. Send to everyone in a group or send to just one person.

Other Changes

Our reservations feature now accepts Braintree payments and no longer supports the PayPal integration.

The Social feature works with the membership tab.

iOS 9 support with upgraded SDKs for Facebook, Twitter and more.