New Feature: Real Estate IDX API Keys

Apr 9, 2015 | Grandapps News

We just launched a new feature in our mobile app builder for real estate agents. You can now sync your IDX API key & have all of your MLS listings on your app!

What is an IDX?

Well in real estate, this is a type of data stream that has your listings from your MLS membership. Basically the homes you are selling, as an agent or company, can be used in our app platform now. You can simply sync your IDX API key and presto!

In some cases, MLS might require you pay for access for the data streams. IDX typically, but not all the time, will mirror the data available on your MLS site. So, if your MLS provides access to this data feed, you can use that access to promote all listings on your website, not just your featured listings.

All listings that work in the IDX program with your MLS can be accessed using our services. The IDX broker application automatically collates, maintains and displays local MLS listings. Using the IDX broker allows you to display all MLS listings seamlessly on your own website.

How to start?

1) Go to the Real Estate Tab & Click on Import Listings. THEN, enter your IDX API Key & Click Get Listings

2) Wait one second, we will import your listings…

3) Click what listings you want…

4) Your listings will import & appear in the main editor now

5) Your listings will update & sync live!

6) Go close some deals!

This is a huge improvement to our app platform for real estate apps! If you want to learn more just email us at