New App Improvements

Feb 5, 2015 | Grandapps News

We are happy to announce a few more improvements to our mobile apps. Our development team is always working to improve our product and we believe 2015 will be our best year. Check out below a few of our releases regarding this launch & stay tuned for more to come.

App Translation

You can now customize translations for your apps straight from our CMS.

Remove Commenting

With one simple click from the CMS, you can now remove commenting abilities from your entire app.

iAds for iOS

You can now make money with your apps! Simply turn on iAds from our CMS and you are good to go!

Social Media Sessions

Social Media accounts will stay logged in when users come back to your app.

Real Estate (Rent / Buy)

Your app will now display or hide the Rent/Own toggle within the Real Estate App Feature.

Sort RSS

You can now sort RSS feeds in ascending / descending order. Properly show upcoming events or current news items.

Add Calendar Reservations

After users make an appointment with your app, they can easily add it to their devices calendar with one tap.


We are working on slight tweaks & UI Imporvements with additional animations and prompts to improve the user experience with your businesses app.

Food Ordering Back Prompt

We added a prompt that will confirm if you wish to leave the page. No more accidentally closing out of your current food item order.

Push Note Enhancements

Improved reliability with an additional customizable acceptance prompt.

64 Bit Architecture

This is a requirement from Apple & we are now 64 bit ready.


Android Only

Upgraded All Map Views

This upgrade has improved the map views and abilities throughout all views of our Android apps.

Smoother Sliders

We have added modern sliders and other improvements to our Android apps.

iTunes Music Files

You can now offer iTunes music in your Android App!

iOS Only

Share Sheets

Select even more apps on your device to share with! Users can spread the word about your mobile app more.

YouTube Commenting

We have removed commenting through the app to YouTube. It simply reroutes you to the video in Safari in order to comment.

Stay tuned for more…….