Mobile Is More Crucial Than Ever

Oct 5, 2014 | Industry News

Not having some type of mobile strategy for your business is simply not an option for you.

Customers are on their phones 24/7 and businesses need to connect with them. Building that strong bond between your customers and your business is key to building sales.

In today’s world, everyone is starting to use their phone as the number one source of media consuming social feeds, real life news and accessing information on the fly.

Just some incredible stats about the growth of mobile:

– Just this year along, Americans who owe tablets has increased from 3% to 42%

– About 58% of Americans have a smartphone

– Mobile is now finally second, television number 1, when it comes to time spent per day on major media

eMarketers expect mobile to represent 26.4% of the $220 billion US ad market in 2018.

It’s time to cash in as a business owner on the latest mobile trend. Let’s first start by giving you even more figures about mobile.

– A surprising number of businesses are not mobile, about 45% to be exact

– Only 26% of small businesses have a mobile optimized site

Where to start?

Many times, small businesses simply get overwhelmed thinking about developing a mobile app. They think it takes too long, or is way too much work. They sometimes think mobile apps cost $40,000+ to develop.

This couldn’t be far from the truth. Grand Apps built a mobile app platform that will get your app published in the iTunes and Android market in just weeks. Not to mention we have an extremely easy to use app platform so you can make changes on the fly. It’s actually pretty sweet! Click Here To Request A Demo.

Few Tips For Development

– Keep your app simple with a beautiful user interface

– Give customers incentive to download / use your app (we offer 70+ app features to help with that)

– Utilize location based marketing (we have Geo Fencing Push Notifications)

If you are interested in learning on more, just contact us to chat about developing your mobile app.