Mobile apps for the healthcare and fitness industry

Jul 26, 2022 | App, Industry News

Healthcare mobile apps consist of fitness, diet/nutrition apps, health tracking, patient portals, and more. These apps give users easy access to exercise routines, and nutrition plans all from the convenience on their mobile device.

Fitness Mobile App

Gyms, personal trainers, and fitness instructors can benefit from having a mobile app developed. It gives them a great place to put workouts and exercise plans. And lets them create a membership or subscription based plan so users can access content on their schedule. Workouts can be uploaded as short videos, or images with descriptions. A mobile app also creates the perfect space for frequently asked questions, and even a way to ask the trainer questions over a contact form or chat feature.

Diet and Nutrition Mobile Apps

Apps that offer meal plans or nutritional education are growing in popularity. Using a membership or subscription base model users gain access to recipes, shopping lists, nutrition facts and education. This functionality is a great stand alone app or as addition to a fitness app.

Health Tracking Mobile Apps

Apps that track calories, or nutrition facts are very popular. But there are many other types of health tracking and diary apps as well. They have become a valuable tool in the healthcare app ring. Giving users an easy way to track many different things.

Symptom Navigation and Disease Management

These apps are pointed towards a specific user base, but are growing in popularity. They offer an easy way to help diagnose a health problem or help users manage their disease, track medication or symptoms.

Patient Portals

Online portals are very popular. They are a great way for users to access documents and records to cut down on time spent filling in forms in the waiting room. Letting users print out forms and get answers to questions before their appointment.

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