Mobile Apps For Breweries | Key Features

Jan 28, 2015 | App

Grand Rapids has been voted by America, Beer City USA! Since we founded our company in Grand Rapids,we thought we would break down really quick how a mobile app could help out your brewery with this Grand Apps feature.

So busy, people forget…

We all know how crazy busy it gets on a Friday night at your Brewery. Servers are hustling around, people are coming through the doors faster than you can serve them and your staff might not educate your customers as you would like because they need to service them quickly. Also, as a brewery, you have tons of choices that you have to offer.

So the problem is people just don’t know what to drink, what is in the beer or how much ABV it has. So with a mobile app, you could build in a complete guide to all your brews. You could have full descriptions, people can comment on it and so much more. Think about it as an interactive menu, that is something we know your website doesn’t offer.

Keep people updated…

So touching on the previous point that you are a brewery and you make beer, lots of it. You might come out with some great seasonals and want to spread the message. So you hop on Facebook & post about your awesome new beer! Only problem is nobody sees it, or only about 200 people. Reason being, you must pay to play. Facebook is almost making you pay to reach out to your customers now. Average spending can be around $20 – $100 per post. That is PER POST! If you do that monthly…that is a few hundred dollars per month.

Now just think if you had majority of your following on your app. You have your cult like following at your fingertips, literally. They are holding their phone with your app downloaded. So next step would be to send out a push notification to them. We offer all clients the ability to send their message out, unlimited & many times they want per month (no extra cost).

Ditch paying Facebook & get everybody mobile.

Tons more features…

We only touched on a few key features that would be awesome for your brewery…but we have more. For times sake, we will not list them all out here but simply invite you to chat with us to further this discussion.

Email us at or call us at 616.717.1151. To check out our bar / brewery apps, click here.