Mobile App Development, Why Grand Apps?

Sep 30, 2015 | App

Mobile app development can either be a pain or pleasure. When we started our company in 2011, we researched the markets from locally to across the globe. We sent out RFPs and gauged the pricing, ease of development and project management processes. We wanted to see how it would be to work with our competitors if you were a business looking at building a mobile app.

To be honest, it was not a great experience.

None of the companies hit the high standards we set out for ourselves here at Grand Apps for mobile app development. They were overpriced, way to slow to respond and were not professional. We believed everybody deserves great value, amazing customer service and a timely turn around time for development.

So, this leads us to why Grand Apps?

Customer Service

Let’s be honest, pricing is not the final factor in purchasing anything. Many people would rather spend a little more money knowing they are insured for amazing customer service. Think about insurance for a second. People pay to know they have ease of mind if something happens. The same rules apply for customer service centers when you call somewhere. If you have to stay on the phone for hours, jump through hoops and become super frustrated by this process, you would have been more willing to spend more to avoid this stress. We understand this. So at Grand Apps, we make it our duty to serve clients with the best possible customer service we can give. Plain. And. Simple.

It’s all about the clients. It’s all about people.


Next we jump down to pricing. So you are working with Grand Apps and receive amazing customer service, but what about price? Well, we can tell you first hand you are getting the most value for your investment. Check this case study out showing a client making 10x what they spent on app development.

Usually custom apps run you about $50,000 +. So if you have an app idea, anyone can build it for the right price.

But at Grand Apps, we actually built an amazing app platform that offers 100+ features of functionality that are superbto any app builder. These features and system brings our pricing down significantly. Instead of paying $50,000 – $100,000, you can pay $5,000 – $10,000. How awesome is that?! Take that extra money and go on vacation, because we know you work hard and deserve it.

Time Of Development

The last thing you want is time of development. Most people want things now, now, now. We also understand this because we want the same thing. With our platform, you can build apps, edit apps and get to the market in under 30 days! Most custom developers will take 6-12 months to launch.

If you wait this long, your competition will already have market share with downloads from your customers!

We will help you get to market faster & capture market share downloads, beating out competition.