Meet Our First Ever Creative Director, Lina!

Jul 19, 2017 | Grandapps News

Since we started almost 6 years ago, we’ve shifted a few times. Our recent biggest shift was moving into full agency model. We’ve been wanting to do this since day one, but we waited for the right time and put our patience hats on during the process.

Also: One of our core values is Adapt & Evolve. See our core values here >

We have been on the hunt for over two months for a creative director. We’ve been through 30+ interviews and spent hours upon hours finding the person who we feel is going to help take our clients and our company to that next level. With this being said, we feel we have found that person.

Lina, if you’re reading this, no pressure 😉 For everybody else reading this, the time is now.

So as always, we sat down with our newest team member to learn a little more about them and share their stories with you all.

So, could you tell us a little more about yourself?

Growing up, I’ve always loved finding ways to volunteer around my community. This is how I ended up becoming part of the youth advisory committee for the Holland/Zeeland Community Foundation while I was in high school. In the beginning of my college career I struggled to find a major that combined my love for community service and my artistic talents.

Graphic design allows me to do just that. I ended up going to Grand Valley, where I got my BFA with an emphasis in graphic design from Grand Valley. I consider myself as a designer with a focus in social impact. I enjoy reaching out to local non-profits and volunteering my design and photography skills in my free time.

Why Grand Apps?

I wanted to work at a smaller agency, where I can really utilize all of my skills to help grow local businesses.

So…being our first Creative Director, how do you think you can help Grand Apps out?

I try to be a sponge for as much culture (both high and low) as I can fill my head with. I’m constantly trying to improve myself and grow professionally by filling my notebooks with advice from industry leaders that I get from various podcasts, blogs and online classes. Design isn’t just my career, it’s a lifestyle. I’m hoping my experience, passion and dedication will make a positive contribution to Grand Apps.

Being you love design as a lifestyle, what is some work you have done that you absolutely love?

My favorite work so far might be the invitation package I just finished designing for the Holland/Zeeland Community Foundation. They just got printed and mailed out, so I don’t have pictures of them quite yet. They have an awesome holographic foil treatment on them, and showing my digital files wouldn’t do them justice. A close second would be the rebranding I did for Michele’s Rescue. I redesigned their logo, signage and flyers. I really enjoyed this project and love going to pet stores and seeing my work put to good use.