Marketing Tip | Your Brand Voice

Sep 4, 2015 | Marketing

9.8 million television viewers tuned in last Sunday to watch the VMA’s. During this

time, over 21 million tweets were sent out for this event alone. And where were you? Were you watching? Were you live-tweeting during the event? Were you engaging your customers on Facebook about it? No? Well, what are you doing!? The year is 2015. You already know you need to be on social media to market to your customers and engage them in a popular medium, but you’re telling me you can’t keep up with current pop culture events in order to reach your followers?

I’m willing to bet money that you probably saw some of the posts VMA’s from the people you follow. Why is that? Because live-tweeting generates reach. When people are all looking to generate discussion on a common topic, it becomes on opportunity to make your voice heard! And, if you’re using Twitter or Facebook correctly, it becomes an opportunity to get brand recognition.

Brands have power. Maybe you don’t realize your brand’s power, and maybe your customers don’t see it either, but people enjoy seeing companies take stands and have opinions on something other than their own brand. So if say, Taco Bell live-tweeted their opinions on the Miley Cyrus/Nicki Minaj beef, their tweets would reach beyond their own followers, there for gaining new followers. And more followers means an increased potential of customers.

This upcoming weekend is the kickoff of the college football season. There will be over 40 hours-worth of television coverage dedicated only to college football. Millions of people will be bombarding Twitter and Facebook with coverage of football. What will you be doing? Will you be reacting live to the day’s events and staying current with what is going on in world? Or will you be sitting at home, watching a marathon of Big Bang Theory and wondering why nobody is responding to your 140 character advertisements?