Marketing Companies – Add Value To Customers

Aug 5, 2015 | Marketing

If you’re a marketing agency and you’re not in mobile, this is for you. We wanted to talk to you really quick to give you a little insight how mobile can help give your customers & clients value.

We have partnered with many different companies, offering our app service to their clients as added value. Mobile apps can help both your agency grow and your clients grow.

Value Added Services

One of the top reasons to partner with a company like Grand Apps is to offer your clients more services for their marketing strategies. We all know that over time, strategy changes. So it’s up to your company to offer options for this change. Currently we are in a mobile boom where first movers are grabbing market share and gaining downloads. If your client waits too long, they will be just another app out there trying to scrap for a few downloads, but really the next big thing is live 3d holograms (or something crazy like that).

So the time is now to add this value to clients. You should take action for your digital agency & offer mobile app value added service to them.

Why Grand Apps

Well, considering other “competitors” are charging $50,000 & up for apps, it’s probably not even in your clients price range so you haven’t even revisited the idea of mobile. But we are pretty proud to save we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on development because of our app platform. We seriously saved a client $40,000+ for app development. They received everything they wanted & had extra money for other marketing efforts.

So just think for a moment…you partner with Grand Apps. We offer you a mobile app development for a fraction of big box companies and you can pass along the benefits of having an app to your client. It’s a win-win-win for all.

Mobile Works

Lastly, the reason for offering mobile to your clients is simply because it works. We have case study after case study showing how mobile apps have made our clients money. Yes. Made them money. Most of the time “marketing efforts” lack solid ROI. They’re justified by “oh, well we are building your brand” when in reality you can’t tell how many people picked up the phone and ordered because of your Facebook post or direct mailer. Sure, analytics and tracking is getting better, but our mobile apps have stood the test of time and showed actual ROI.

When is the last time a client purchased your service & made 100% ROI in 6 months?

So if you’re ready to learn more, just call us or email us. Let’s talk strategy with you about how to get your customers mobile!