Make Money With Mobile Apps

Apr 7, 2015 | App

Recently we just released a case study showing how a client has made over $9,000 in just under 5 months with his mobile app. These numbers are starting to become more common place with clients making money. Apps are becoming very powerful tools for generating extra money for businesses and we are confident we can find ways for an app to make your businesses make more money.

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Let’s dive into some strategy for making money with your app.

Finding A Way

First we must look at what your top three producing items are. We are talking about what are the top three ways your business makes money? Do you sell items? Do you sell services? We need to determine this first.

In our case study, we found our client was making money by selling information. He would sell workout guides & exercise manuals to clients for “$x” amount. We decided that he could generate extra revenue by selling some through his app as an exclusive.

We found a top producing revenue stream, made it mobile & he profited huge from it!

Outside The Box

Sometimes you just need to think outside the box when it comes to making money with mobile apps. You can sell ad space on your apps through our platform, and many clients are taking advantage of this. They are selling ad spaces for $100 per month. If you can get five sponsors to sign up, you are now making an extra $500 per month. This direct return from your app can be viewed in just months. When is the last time you invested in something that produced a return in such a short amount of time?

Keep Thinking…

After looking at your top few money getting services or products and thinking outside the box with you, we keep thinking and looking for more ways to make money with your app. We love brainstorming with clients about ideas on how to make money with their app. We also talk to many different businesses about making money with their apps. Our wide network allows us to be more creative and find more ways for you to make the most amount of money with your apps.

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