Latest Mobile App Statistics 2014

Oct 27, 2014 | App

Mobile is dominating “on the go” categories like radio, photos, maps, instant messangers and more. The more people are on the go, the more they crave apps. Recently there have been debates about if apps are really needed, and we think they are. Just looking at some of the time spent on these programs cannot be disregarded as not important.

Apps Dominate

Just looking at these numbers from 2013 to this year, we see an increase of 6% in usage for mobile apps over mobile web. Also looking at 2014, you can see only about 14% are using mobile web…so by not having a mobile app, you are missing a huge portion of the market.


So how much time do men & women spend on apps & mobile websites each month?

Based on the graph above, it can be assumed tons more time would be spent per month on mobile apps over mobil web, and if you assumed this you would be correct.

Where should you invest?

So time is running out & you are looking at investing before the year ends for tax reasons or maybe you have some extra money you have not spent for marketing yet. It is clear that mobile would be a very great choice! Everyone knows not having a webiste could kill sales for you, and the same seems to appear true for mobile apps. So if you are curious how to get started just contact us today. We look forward to getting your business mobile app ready.