KREATIV, a Grand Apps company, appoints first ever CMO, Maggie Lasley.

Aug 21, 2018 | Grandapps News

We are very excited to announce that today we are publicly releasing a statement in regards to our newest created role here at Grand Apps & KREATIV, which is our Chief Marketing Officer. This position will be filled by current team member Maggie Lasley.

Maggie spearheaded the KREATIV brand we launched this past month. KREATIV is a modern day ad agency. She will be the CMO of KREATIV, taking on more responsibility and helping build the agency.

Check out the website here

Maggie’s Background

She has a very versed background in public relations and marketing strategy. A graduate from Columbia College Chicago, Maggie brings expert skill and knowledge for our marketing clients. Prior to working at Grand Apps and helping launch KREATIV, she has worked for marketing agencies and various non-profits worldwide.

Maggie will be celebrating her 2 years at Grand Apps & KREATIV. She started out as social media account manager but since has moved up, taken on more responsibility and has helped grow the agency side of Grand Apps (which is partial reason we launched KREATIV).

“I’m very happy about this announcement today! For the past few years I’ve been really wanting to launch and grow our agency side of the business, but I just didn’t feel we had the talent, experience & best leader in place. Maggie has grown with us and stepped up BIG in so many different ways. It’s fun to work along side with her, help her grow as a person in career and watch her step up to new challenges. I’m very confident in her abilities to help us grow KREATIV and I’m excited for the future. Thank you Maggie!”

– Chris Ake, Managing Partner at Grand Apps & KREATIV

Maggie will be responsible for managing our marketing clients. Her day to day will vary from team management, client meetings, strategy direction, overseeing creative, managing paid media and everything in between marketing client related tasks.

“I’m excited to take on more responsibility in the company to better serve our clients. We have an amazing team and I’m excited to see what we can do together.”

– Maggie Lasley, CMO at KREATIV