Interview: Brandon Ross on Customer Service

Dec 9, 2015 | Other

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. You can have the greatest product in the world, but if the customers don’t support you, it doesn’t matter. That’s why we at Grand Apps take such pride in serving our customers. To get a better understanding of what it takes to provide the best customer service, I decided to interview Brandon Ross, operations manager for Grand Apps.

Just how important is customer service?

Customer support is something that all business needs and is a highly important part of every small business. I feel customer support can really set you apart from competition. I’m sure everyone has a service company or any company which they HATE calling because the support is terrible and have probably cancelled because of it. We don’t want to be one of those companies! Our service and support does not stop after acquiring a client. It extends to training, maintenance, and providing consulting of new marketing trends that are ever changing on a regular basis.

What does customer service mean to you?

Good customer support means not only providing excellent services to get a client but being able to keep your client or customer happy after the sale or purchase. This will create loyal customers and repeat business. No matter the reason someone reaches out to Grand Apps, I want them happy, satisfied, and with a feeling to return back to us.

What tips would you give businesses on how to give excellent customer service?

1) Being a good listener first and good communicator second.

2) Be accessible, either via email, office line, direct line. Respond promptly.

3) You have to be patient and understanding. Putting yourself in your client or customers shoes helps with this. You, most likely, know more than your customer. Don’t get upset or impatient if they don’t understand, need more clarity, or is short with you. Handle the situation professionally.

4) IMPORTANT: Take the blame. If you mess up, admit it; it happens. Explain and make things right.

5) Reach out as much as possible. Reach out to them before they reach out to you. This will keep you ahead of problems and also build customer relations.

To turn a bad experience into a good one; you first have to understand your clients frustration. Being understanding and personable is key. Revert to #4 of my quick tips; take responsibility for their experience. You should always reach out with a call with an unhappy experience. Dealing with an unhappy situation via email is a bad choice because it’s difficult to express emotion. Offer a heartfelt apology and offer a resolution immediately.

How do you deal with unhappy customers?

Support can be thank-less job at times. You have to understand that even if you are not thanked all the time by your clients; customer support is a priority of a strong business and you should take pride in it. I sure do. 🙂 Great customer support leads to client retention, loyalty, referrals, more sales, etc.