Integrate Your Social Media on Your Website

Jan 10, 2018 | Social

For any business looking to get more attention paid to their social media profile, website integration can be a huge step to stepping up your web traffic. However, potential customers are not going to just organically search for your profile, so you have to make it easy for them to get that access. Here we will explain several ways you can integrate your social media onto your website.


Most platforms like Wix and WordPress have widgets that can create icons for your social media pages. Simply choose the widget for the site you want, place it in your desired location on the site and add your feeds link to the icon. If the platform you’re using doesn’t have an icon widget, you can simply create one by using an image of the social media site and embedding it with a link as a substitute.

Embedding in posts

Sites like Facebook and Twitter make this easy by making a direct embed option on every post. Select more options on the post you want to embed, then copy the html code that is given. Next, past that html snippet in your site’s html editor and the post will be up and ready.

Share Buttons

Inserting share buttons can be an easy way for users to just click and share your content on their profile. All you have to do is insert a share button plugin or widget for the site you want to use under the post. If the developer your using doesn’t have this plugin/widget, browsers like Chrome have extensions that can also help.

Links to Profiles

If your website has a bio page for you and your co-workers, implementing their social media profiles onto the page is a great way for customers to get to know your team better. To do this, just copy the link for from the social media page you want people to see and attach it to either the image of the person, their name or just leaving the link by their bio.