Increase SEO With A Mobile App

Sep 30, 2015 | App, SEO

SEO is a term thrown around loosely by internet “marketers” claiming they can rank you to page one on Google. Let’s be honest, Google is not dumb. Google can change anything at anytime to de-rank you. Recently they mandated you must have a mobile optimized site or you will be de ranked in their mobilegedon. You can read our article here on it.

So what are some ways you can get to rank on page one for Google?

Well, there seems to be a shift from back linking & blackhat tactics to more of a natural review, social system. Pretty much the more credible sites linking to your website, the better social traction and better reviews you have, the higher you will rank. Sure there are tons of other tips, tricks & small details, but that seems to be a more natural way of doing things. With this being said, we wanted to show you how Google ranked a mobile app in iTunes. Here is what we did and how it could potentially help you rank your business higher.

1. We typed in the business name of a client of ours: Uccellos Ristorante

2. We browsed down the web page

3. Sure enough! We found iTunes Apple Mobile App on page one, 3rd URL down

This means that Google is ranking Apple apps pretty high, so if somebody searches your business, they can find your app. This can also increase app downloads as well as help boost in SEO. Check out the screenshot below from our results.

So if you want to talk a little more about Google, Mobile Apps or just life in general, contact our support staff. We are always on duty to chat!