I have An App Idea

Oct 8, 2014 | App


We hear this a lot at Grand Apps, and wanted to break down a few key points to everyone out there with an app idea.

1. Research, have you done it?

Many times people just get so excited to tell us about their app idea, they lack one crucial step in seeing if their app is actually a good idea or not…market research.

You should ask yourself a few questions & investigate more.

– Is there currently an app doing what my idea does?

– How many downloads does it have?

– What are the reviews?

This will help you gauge the market. If it is out there, then you can find ways how to improve upon it by seeing how many download & reviews it has. Chances are if you find it with small amounts of downloads, it’s probably not popular because of some reasons, so chances you cashing in on it are not likely at all. Before you go spending $20,000 + on this app….make sure that you do your research.

2. Do you have the investment?

Mobile apps come at a price. Many people try to get something for nothing, and honestly you cannot do that with mobile apps (really anything). It takes our programmers time to develop your unique custom app, meaning we must bill per hour. Just to be safe, assume your app will be over 500+ hours (depending on how custom it is) and take about $50 per hour at a base minimum to get going. Over the course of our tenure, the average starting out point would be minimum $10,000 investment to get going. Make sure you have your funds organized first.

3. Clear focus and direction.

Make sure you have everything thought out. Make sure you have a flow chart of what the app will do from point a – point z. Make sure you think things clearly because that will only help the developer in the process with you. If you do not have anything ready, you might be charged for time spent helping you out with your custom idea…but to be safe, clearly plan out before meeting a team.

Are you ready?

Now that you have everything done, it is time to ask yourself if you are ready for development? Because if you are, you can surely contact our staff today to get going. If you want an app demo just request one by clicking this link here.

Thanks for the read & let’s get mobile!