How we increased one client’s contact forms by 174%

Sep 20, 2018 | Web

Sales are the lifeblood of any company and it starts with contact forms on the web. One of our marketing clients was getting an average of around 52.8 contact forms filled out every month. We are always pushing ourselves to get a little better, modify strategies and use new tactics. We made some small changes which yielded some huge results.

The Challenge

Our challenge was simple: increase form fills on the website without an increased paid media budget.

The Tactics

1) Shorten the contact forms.

2) Add more frequent contact forms on more pages.

The Reasoning

Shorter Contact Forms

Think about your own personal patterns online. Are you more likely to fill out a shorter or longer contact form? We would bet you picked shorter. People want efficiency in your forms and they don’t want to spend massive amounts of time giving you all of their information. We understand the business wants more information because it makes life easier for your sales team, but are you willing to take that risk of people not filling them out in the first place?

It should be your job to get a name, phone number or email address and follow up with your questions and begin building the relationship in the sales cycle.

More Frequent Forms

This was actually a tactic we tried out on our own website and noticed a slight increase in contact forms filled out. Our theory was simple, people browse and get distracted and might forget to come back to fill out the form. So we added little quick contact forms on the side bars of our website.

We also did this with our client and it worked wonders.

The Results

Over the last 5 months, our client was seeing an average of 52.8 contact forms filled out. After we made this small adjustments we collected 145 contact forms in August of 2018. Currently we’re at almost 70 forms in September and it’s only the 20th. August of 2017 our client only got 56 form fills. So YoY (Year Over Year) we increased the form fills by 158% in the month of August. These are impressive results and we wanted to share with you so you can try these out for yourself and in your digital marketing plans.

Small changes, big results.