How to Set up Google Analytics

Jan 24, 2018 | Web

Google Analytics can be a key instrument when it comes to tracking how many visitors have come to your site. It can also track how long users stay on your site and where they are all coming from. Setting up a Google Analytics account is easy enough, and adding it to your site is also pretty simple. By following this short tutorial, your site will be integrated with Analytics in not time at all!

Setup an Account

To set up a Google Analytics account, simply go to Google Analytic Solutions and enter the proper information for your site.

Get Your Code

You’ll need your Analytics code to continue with the integration. It will be under the admin tab in your new Analytics account. Under the property tab, go to tracking info and where your tracking code will be. Copy this code and then go back to your site.

Enter Your Code

The final step to this process is pasting the tracking code into your site. Servers like Wix and WordPress will differ on where you should put your code, but it’s an easy process regardless. Whether it be through a plugin or SEO settings, simply just paste your tracking code in the designated area and hit submit.

Your All Set

Now you have one of the biggest tracking softwares at your disposal for your site. Have fun keeping track of your site’s traffic and using this professional tool to further advance your site!