How To Make Your App Better

Oct 1, 2015 | App

Everything can always improve and innovate, this includes your mobile app. We wanted to give some quick pointers on how to make your app better. When we say better, we are referring to some key qualities that will make people come back to your app over and over (especially with the Grand Apps platform).

Higher Function

It is very important that you keep high functioning features built into your app that drive traffic back. Key features would be features like scheduling, ordering, loyalty and more. The more the customer needs the app to perform a task with your business, the more they will open the app.

Take mobile food ordering for example. This is a heaven sent feature because people can take their own time, not talk to a stranger and order food on the go with their mobile app. They can scroll through items, see what they want and send it to the business. For loyal customers, they probably order a few times per month from your business via phone or online. Now with a mobile app, they can open the app and keep coming back to the app anytime they have that urge for a fresh slice or handmade delicious savory pizza. (Sorry if you’re hungry now)

By the way, read this article on our new ordering feature.

Beautiful U/I & Graphics

Using windows 95 to windows 10 is a 100 times different. Image if you logged onto your computer & found out you switched back to windows 95. You would be using an outdated, ugly user interface because you are used to beautiful, modern looking design. If this happened, you would likely office space your computer with bats in the parking lot & buy a new one.

Just as this is true, this is true for your mobile app. You want to keep it fresh and updated. We at Grand Apps make a huge push to come up with new U/I every single year. We try to push the envelope of design and come up with creative looks so you can better market your app to customers.

When getting your mobile app developed, just make sure it looks modern, clean, beautiful and up to date.


Well, pretty much we know how to achievethese goals and make your app better. With our platform you can easily change graphics all the time, edit your app and keep high quality features built in to stay ahead of your customer wants and needs.

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