How to Geo-Fence Like a Pro

Nov 10, 2015 | Other

Geo-Fencing may be the coolest feature in all mobile app features. If you’re unfamiliar with Geo-Fencing, it is a virtual barrier created by GPS that targets whoever enters that barrier. So what does that mean for your place of business? Combine Geo-Fencing with push notifications and follow these easy steps and you can efficiently capitalize on this incredible feature.

1. Set the Geo-Fence Around Your Business’ Location

Reward your customers who actually make the time to support your business by sending them a push notification every time they enter your location. Just imagine, a customer walks into your place of business, pulls out their phone and sees a notification from your app saying “Welcome back! Here’s 5% off your next purchase!” You don’t have to push a discount every time you send a notification, but it’s a good way to incentivize your customers to return, and it will surely make them feel wanted whenever they decide shop at your business.

2. Set the Geo-Fence Just Outside Your Location

If someone who has your app is nearby, who not grab their attention? Give them the idea to visit your business, if even they hadn’t been thinking about it today. The notification could say “Are you in the area? Why not stop by and see us?”

3. Set a Geo-Fence Around Your Competition

Now this is a devious idea that I can really get behind. Really stick it to your competition by setting your Geo-Fence around your competition and sending out push notifications to entice your customers to leave your competition and support your business. Maybe the push notification can say “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Is the wait too long? Let us take care of you.”