How To Become A Brand Ambassador – Chris Sain

Jul 14, 2017 | Industry News

If you haven’t had the chance to meet Chris Sain Jr., our guest from Episode 30, then you’re missing out. *Yes click that link to check him on FB – This guy has 220,000+ followers*

Chris Sain Jr. has built his brand over the past several years with a great help to social media marketing. It seems that today everybody wants to show off a flashy lifestyle, post keys of exotic cars and act like they’ve “made it”. People want to become a brand ambassador to passively make money with social media, but Chris has a few tips for you.

Note: This guy went from 0 followers to working with huge brands to represent them on social…and here are a few thoughts.

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Tip 1: Simply put, be consistent.

Chris is not shy of hard work and remaining consistent in his efforts to become a well known figure in speaking and business. Too many times people stop posting because they lose focus or lack determination. He made a great point of people who have both personal and business pages that people tend to go to wherever is getting the most attention. For him, his business page is business only. He believes that you need to focus on building your audience with consistent effort, not jumping ship to whatever is trending at the moment.

So if your personal gets more than your business, don’t worry too much about it. Keep plugging away on your business side and stay focused.

Tip 2: Be true to you.

He’s a firm believer in being true to yourself and not letting your audience dictate your strategy. Just because your audience reacted a certain way about something, you don’t need to go all in on that. However you must learn what they respond too and understand your audience.

What he is really saying here is to not find something trending that might not be true to you because your audience likes it. Just stick to being you and keep at it.

Tip 3: Double down.

Chris also understands the idea of focus and doubling down on a certain platform. See where majority of your audience is at and focus on growing that. Don’t worry about jumping on every single platform for the sake of doing it. Be true to yourself and grow what you have. If you have 10 followers on Twitter and 1,000 on Facebook, spend more time on Facebook.

Tip 4: Give back & be humble.

When you finally make it to Brand Ambassador status, be sure that you give back to other people and remain humble. Remember where you came from and understand you need to give others opportunities as well. We’re super thankful Chris believes in that so he could join us for The Grand Apps Show.