How Restaurant Apps Work

Feb 28, 2015 | App

2015 is the year mobile surpasses desktop in global users. The mobile movement keeps strong this year and we wanted to break down how apps work for restaurants and how our Grand Apps apps work for your restaurant.

Help Customers

Apps are all about making your life easier. It seems today there is an app for everything! You need a quick taxi for cheap, Uber…you want to meet someone without spending time with small talk, Tinder. Apps are eliminating tasks & making our lives easier by they day and that is exactly why your restaurant needs an app!

You can help your customers out by offering mobile app ordering. Take away the middle man on the phone & have your customers directly order to you. This can also eliminate human mistakes over the phone & help better your food costs during the process.

Mobile Ordering

Grand Apps offers a pretty cool mobile ordering system built right into your app! Users can browse which item they want to order, purchase & opt for delivery or pick up. If you want to see a pretty cool example of our app ordering or online ordering technologies, check them out just below.

Jaspare’s Pizza – They offer app ordering

View Here

Crust 54 – They offer online ordering

View Here

Increase Business

So the main point we build apps for businesses is to help them grow in sales. We love showing exactly how a mobile app can increase your bottom line, increase productivity, etc… this is an awesome feeling because we know we are actually doing the business good. We are not pushing some “flashy new marketing” idea at all…our apps really do help.

If you want to see a real life case study, click here. (it’s a small pdf & quick read)

Quality Matters – You Get What You Pay For

We often see restaurant apps that are of low grade quality. They user interface is lacking, it’s slow and the graphics are terrible! We really, really pride ourselves in beautiful design. We love trying to make our newest app the best design yet, beating all others. Our app graphics will help your business give off that perfect professional look! Check out our Mobile App Showcase here to see some beautiful designs.

Ready For Mobile?

So if you’re ready to get mobile app marketing for your restaurant, you can contact us here.

Let us help you grow your restaurant with a mobile app.