How Different Generations use Apps and Websites

Apr 25, 2018 | Industry News

In a world full of changing technology, it is vital for almost everybody to have internet access today. Because of so many different people browsing the web on their phones and computers, the internet is filled with different generations trying to find information and engage with other people across the world. Today we will be looking at what each generation usually goes to when web surfing and how they use apps and websites in their daily lives.

Centennials/ Generation Z

By far the most enthralled in modern technology, the youngest generation (aged 6-23) are the centennials or so-called Generation Z and they are the biggest users of technology so far in the modern era. Centennials tend to download apps and go to websites that are visually appealing and require less personal information that needs to be posted. They tend to like social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, as these deal with more visuals and don’t request too much information to be posted, letting the user control what other people see. Since they also tend to like le

ss traditional advertising, more centennials will look to go to YouTube or other streaming video sites for entertainment rather than classic television. Also, Most of their internet use tends to shift towards mobile, as centennials do most of their banking, browsing and streaming through their mobile devices.

Millennials/ Generation Y

Millennials (aged 24-38) tend to use the most apps by far, even compared to the centennials. While they tend to also go towards social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram like centennials, they also like to view sites like Twitter and Linkedln that share a little more information and aren’t as visually stimulating. Millennials also like to view sites that deal with more entertainment value like Netflix and Hulu, but they also like using the internet to download audiobooks and look through sports media more than the other generations.

Generation X

Generation X (aged 39-53) are the users who use the internet more for help in their daily lives rather than entertainment. They look at more sites that deal with healthy living, parenting, and personal finance compared to other generations, but they also like to look at entertainment like the rest of them. Generation X also like to use Facebook and Twitter compared to the younger generation, as they are looking for more personal interaction rather than visual stimulation. As far as apps go, they use tablets mainly as their mobile device and download more apps through those devices for entertainment. X tends to use their phones more for communication purposes, mainly texting in this modern age

Baby Boomers

One of the older generations using tech today are the Baby Boomers (aged 54-72) who tend to use the internet more when they want to get caught up with current events. Boomer’s like to go to websites that mainly pertain to world news and politics, outranking the other generations on these sites by a wide margin. They, like Generation X, like to use tablets and mainly download apps that help them with healthy living, travel, and shopping to make life a little easier. They mainly use Facebook for their social media and trend low on the other platforms.