Hosting a large event? Build an app for attenders!

Aug 26, 2022 | App

If you are hosting a large event, a mobile app could be a huge help! Communicate with attenders quickly and give them access to the information they need to successfully navigate your event and have a great experience.

Event Maps

A mobile app is a great place to host a map for your event. Save yourself the time and headache of printed maps and use a digital one instead. Now your attendees can access maps before they reach your event and easily access them whenever they need without the risk of losing a paper map at your event.


An app is the perfect solution for giving your attendees real time updates about event changes or updates. Let attendees know about sales, start times, schedule changes, and anything else they may need to know.

Event Schedule

Host your event schedule on a mobile app. This gives your attendees easy access to the schedule and lets you update it whenever you need to without having to reprint or make special announcements.

Sell Tickets

An app can sell tickets to your event or for special extra experiences inside your event like a movie showing or tour.

Interested in developing an app for your event?

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