Grand Apps Team Highlight | Account Manager Scott

Jan 13, 2015 | Grandapps News

Grand Apps is excited to bring another team member on board to our ever growing mobile marketing ship. Scott has a background in sales & will prove to be a valuable asset to our team culture. We are excited to have Scott working with us.

We sat down with him and asked him a few questions about mobile marketing, a typical day he experiences & more. Here is what we found out…

What do you like most about Grand Apps?

I love that Grand Apps is a fresh marketing company, with a tech background. Our clients have needs and goals, and we are here to fill said needs, and accomplish all goals. Grand Apps also works for everyone. We have a very diverse client base, which is awesome, because whether a prospective client is a small, medium, or large sized business or organization, we can work together.

A typical day for you is like…..?

My typical day is pretty basic, but so abundant. I am a net-worker. I meet with prospective clients, and learn and share. I learn of individual goals and organizational goals. Then share everything I can in regards to accomplishing the goals and how Grand Apps can make it easier.

Mobile marketing, what do you love about it?

Mobile marketing is a game changer! Really it is. 20 years ago, the yellow pages were your best marketing resource. 10 years ago, it was a website. Those resources were dependent on the prospective clients finding you. If a business had a large enough budget, they could dominate smaller competition with web ads. But there was no engagement in that. With mobile marketing, you have a direct to the pocket marketing resource. Businesses can now directly reach their audience and meaningfully engage with them. Large or small, any sized business can compete!

What is something valuable you have learned here so far?

Each one of us at Grand Apps learns something new everyday. The most valuable part of the learning process, to me, is how it is learned. At Grand Apps, we learn together. We have an amazing team building program here, that is different from anything I’ve ever been a part of. We educate each other on new business trends, engage in thought provoking discussions, and drive one another to accomplish new goals.

Thanks for the time everyone & welcome Scott to our team! Hopefully he can work with your business soon.