Grand Apps Press Release | Grand Apps Partners With Van Eerden Food Services

Feb 26, 2016 | Grandapps News

Grand Apps is very excited to announce a partnership with Van Eerden Foodservice.

This mutually beneficial partnership will help both companies alike. Grand Apps will be offering all services to Van Eerden customers such as mobile app development, web design and social media marketing. Van Eerden will now gain a competitive advantage among competitors by offering extra value added marketing services through modern up-to-date techniques that have been proven to help small businesses grow.

About Grand Apps

Grand Apps is a West Michigan based mobile development company. The company started developing mobile apps, but soon adapted to local small business customers by adding website development & social media marketing. Grand Apps is becoming the one stop shop for businesses looking to take their marketing plans to the next level with incorporating some of the most effective techniques known today, such as a great mobile marketing campaign.

“We are very excited to announce this partnership today! We love working with Van Eerden because their a local family based West Michigan company. We also know that we can really help out their customers with our services. We have proven time after time we can really help small local businesses grow their sales with our strategies. We look forward to seeing what else this journey brings us and appreciate the support we have been receiving thus far from Van Eerden.”

Statement from Co-Founder & Operating Partner Chris Ake

About Van Eerden Foodservice

Van Eerden Foodservice is a family owned company in Grand Rapids, MI that provides products, ideas and solutions to foodservice customers. We started in Grand Rapids as a produce company and believe our heritage of bringing fresh products to the market has helped us adapt and understand the ever changing needs of our customers.

“Our fresh approach to foodservice was the reason we partnered with Grand Apps. A fresh approach for us means offering our customers not only national branded products, fresh products and local Michigan based products but also to bring fresh ideas and solutions to help our customers grow their business and reach to their customers. We chose to work with Grand Apps because we felt the need to offer mobile marketing solutions to our customers and we felt Grand Apps is a cutting edge company to offer those solutions at an affordable price for our customers.”

Statement from Vice President of Sales Debbie Campbell

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