Grand Apps Employee Highlight – Account Manager Brandon

Oct 9, 2014 | Grandapps News

Brandon has been working with Grand Apps for over 8 months now, helping us push the mobile movement throughout the world. Brandon has daily calls with app clients across the globe in places like Europe, Africa, Australia, Canada & many other places.

Graduating Grand Valley State University with an accounting degree, he slowly moved into sales, falling in love with the pursuit of daily challenges that come with B2B sales.

We are happy to have him on our team and wanted to pick his brain quick with a few questions. Get to know Brandon, as he might be calling into your business someday soon.

Q) What is your favorite part about working for Grand Apps?

A) Best about working at Grand Apps, hands down, is the work environment and the energy that’s brought to the office everyday. The passion isn’t strictly about work but also personal enhancement and life-long learning. All of us share the same goals and strive to better each other day in – day out. Also, my best friend for 10 years now works right to the right of me; can’t beat that.

Q) What attracted you to the mobile market?

A) The mobile market is always growing and always changing. There’s something new to learn about apps and mobile marketing everyday. New ways it can help businesses and benefit customers. It’s great to work within a market that can grow so quickly but also change at the same time. You have to stay on your game, watch trends, study the market, and continue to educate.

Q) What was your first smartphone?

My first smartphone was and still is the Samsung Galaxy S4. Love this phone. Love it so much, I’ve had two.

Q) Android or iPhone?

A) Read last comment 🙂 Android for life.

Q) What is your most used app on your phone? (An app you downloaded)

A) I usually stay away from game apps, so my most used app would be Spotify. I’m always listening to music.