Google Demands Mobile

Apr 16, 2015 | Industry News, SEO

So the time is coming where Google will require your small business to have a strong mobile experience for visitors. We have seen this coming for a very long time, but it is finally mandated and set for April 21st, 2015. Pretty much if you don’t have a mobile friendly website, Google will look down upon you. This could be really bad for your small business if Google deranks you or puts mobile competitors before you.

Check out the webmaster blog article they released talking about it.

Here is the article >>

If you’re not exactly sure if your website is mobile, no worries. You can use this link here to test out your website.

Mobile Tester Link

Grand Apps actually can help you if you are not mobile. We build mobile apps for businesses and we also built HTML5 mobile websites. Just email us or contact us after you test your website so you won’t be hurt by their new mobile first push.