Get ready for the spending season! 5 Ecommerce Tips for Black Friday Sales

Aug 24, 2023 | App, Ecommerce, Industry News, Marketing, Web

Concerns about inflation and recent trends are changing the way consumers shop for the holidays, and in turn, changing Black Friday. While the biggest shopping day of the year will still come in force, many new ways for business owners to cash in on the spending spree have surfaced. If you have an Ecommerce website or app, now is the time to start planning for Black Friday! Here are some tips to help you maximize sales.

Tip #1: Start Early!

Before covid it was common to see pre-black Friday sales going on in September or October. Online retailers would take this time to clear out old inventory and get ready for the new spending season. Last year, and this year those sales have moved back to July! Advertising as Black Friday in July sales. This strategy sets stores up with room for more inventory starting when the old sales used to take place. Now, many online retailers will have a whole month of Black Friday sales, giving consumers the entire month of November to get good deals.

Tip #2: Focus on Online Sales

While the lines in the wee hours of Friday morning may still appear, many shoppers are choosing the comfort of their couch or bed over standing outside in a line. If you focus your efforts towards online shopping, you will make more sales. Spend this month making sure your user flow is as smooth and effortless as possible so when shoppers visit your site they find it easy to purchase from you.

Tip #3: Capitalize on the Other Sale Days

Black Friday has expanded to encompass more than just Friday. Now there is Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday to take into account. Make sure you use these themes but don’t restrict your sales to those days alone. If you restrict your sale to one day you could be missing out on many potential sales. For example: Extend Black Friday to include all of November through Black Friday. If Small Business Saturday applies to your store, make it Saturday and Sunday. And then extend Cyber Monday to include the whole week following.

Tip #4: Advertise on Social Media

After you have established the details of your sales, use social media to advertise! A good facebook campaign can do more for your sales than most other channels of advertising these days. Make sure your ad copy is short and catchy, and your visuals are attractive. Shoppers get excited about Black Friday sales unlike any other sales, use that to your advantage! They are on the hunt for a deal, so give them one.

Tip #5: Review your Policies

Many retailers are offering price match guarantees and extended return windows. Review your current policy and see if an adjustment would help users feel more comfortable purchasing from your website or app. A price match guarantee may help users feel they really are getting the best deal. And extending your return window to a set date, like January 14th, might help shoppers looking for Christmas presents feel more comfortable purchasing from your website.

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