From Start Up To Mentors, Grand Apps Partners Launch A New Venture

Nov 7, 2017 | Grandapps News

Today, November 7th, 2017, Grand Apps is excited to announce we have officially helped launch RENDER FILMS, a video production company.

Grand Apps is a digital marketing agency, founded in 2011, that started developing mobile apps but transitioned into full service digital agency offering services like app and web development, app and web design, SEO, AdWords, Graphic Design and much more. Jon Butler and Chris Ake are the two operating partners at Grand Apps.

These two operating partners are betting on the younger generation by investing & helping launch RENDER FILMS, a video production company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Story

Michael Matthews, 19, Noah Gonyon, 20, and Scout Peterson, 20, approached Jon and Chris during summer of 2017 with an idea to start a video production company. Jon and Chris both started Grand Apps from a basement with zero experience so they loved the idea of this opportunity to help a few other aspiring younger entrepreneurs start their first business.

“I’m excited to help these young guys out! The best part, they skipped college. I told these guys they would get the equivalence of an MBA in their first year of business working with us” – Chris Ake

Jon and Chris will act as an advisory role with RENDER FILMS and help assist wherever they can. Michael, Noah and Scout will operate the day to day operations under guidance of Jon and Chris.

“As young entrepreneurs looking for mentors, starting a business with two experienced people who are willing to guide and direct us, in real time, while they run their business Grand Apps, is awesome. I am excited to scale this company in a structured manner, over the course of the next year. So far I’ve learned that you have to be consistent and follow through, no one is going to do the work for you when you own a business. In the future I see render having 3 employees and operating over the entirety of Michigan.” – Michael Mathews

“Our new partners (Jon and Chris) are experts in their field and I think they have the wisdom to propel us, as a individuals and a team, to the next level. I think what we are doing can really help improve businesses internally and externally, and I’m excited to see where this takes us.” – Noah Gonyon

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