Facebook’s New Design 2017

Mar 4, 2017 | Social

So after logging into a client’s page, we noticed this new layout.

But this new responsive, full screen design is adding some useful functionality to daily engagement with followers on social media. When you click the messages tab you can see there is a place to respond to DM’s, FB comments and now even Instagram comments.

This Facebook messages design update allows to keep everything housed in one place, which saves a ton of time! Here are some of the benefits we can foresee.

1) Organization

Now it will be easy to track & organize comments and messages. In the past you would have to scroll through notifications to see who commented and there was a chance you could miss a few. Now you can easily scroll through this database and track it all in an easy layout format.

2) Time Savings

With Instagram now added to this, you don’t have to log into Instagram to comment, you can just message directly from Facebook. This will save a lot of time for social media people out there managing accounts.

What else are you finding out about Facebook’s recent updates? Leave us a comment & join the conversation.