Creating Apps For The Fitness Industry

Sep 30, 2014 | App

This article is for all of our fitness addicts pumping iron, throwing down protein like water and dedicated fitness followers. Getting straight to the point, we wanted to cover a short article giving a few tips for marketing your fitness app.

Who Is This For?

– Fitness Athletes with Followers

– Gym Personal Trainers

– Really Any person with a following

What Is This Article Talking About?

We are showing you a few key pointers what to offer, how to offer and how to make money with your app.

These short tips will help accelerate your results, getting the fast track to make money with your mobile app.

Make Money

We highly recommend selling your fitness mobile app. But why would a follower want to purchase it? Well you are probably selling something to fund your fitness career like clothing, supplements and training programs. So why not add a mobile app to your revenue stream!

Sell the app for $1.99.

Provide useful content like exclusive app training programs.

Increase your money! (That easy!!)

Serious, instead of selling content for $30+, why not be different and sell a mobile app with updated content giving exclusive programs to downloaders.

Market Your App

That is right, you must spread the word to your followers. We are sure you probably get millions of likes on your sexy pictures, but just to be sure we wanted to help you market your mobile app in a few easy ways.

1) Place Links to your app on ALL social media channels.

2) Add beautiful, sexy images of you with the links.

3) Create sponsored posts on your pages. Pay a little extra money to market in front of extra people.

4) Give incentive (as if it’s not already good enough to get awesome workouts) offer people free supplements in a contest. They simply download your app, fill out their name / email and you pick a winner. Personally, we know tons of people willing to pay for raffles, and marketing this way is no different. Plus they are still getting a sweet app content training program with their “raffle” app download.


The fitness industry is exploding and mobile apps are a great way to market to your customers! Just email us or request a demo here to get started. We want to show you how to make money.

PS: We have fitness apps that have created $10,000+ in revenue in app sales.