Company Update | April 2016

Apr 6, 2016 | Grandapps News

If you haven’t heard from us in awhile, don’t panic! We have just been busy coding, designing, planning & helping clients out. But we do feel it’s time to give a detailed company update.

By now you know that Grand Apps is becoming a full digital agency that specializes in mobile app strategies, web design and social media marketing. Grand Apps is our umbrella company with other brands like Grand Web and Grand Social under it. Our vision is to be one of the great agencies that helps clients achieve their goals. Sound clique? Yes it does. But we let results speak. In this company update you will find new partnerships, results we have helped clients achieve, new services and new hires in our team.

Organic PR – New Partnership

Recently we have partnered with Status Creative and work closely with their CEO, Jeff Barrett, on all public relations clients. Since we launched this new service late 2015, we have already closed multiple accounts for organic PR campaigns. One of our most recent success is Kitchen 67’s Bird In Hand Campaign that received national attention by Huffington Post. Read The Article Here

We are excited for the remaining of the year because we have seen such great results thus far for clients.

“One of the best feelings in this industry is seeing clients gain actual measurable results for their campaigns. Through our exclusive partnership with Status, we can do just that.”

– Partner, Jon Butler.

Grand Social Ramp Up

Our Grand Social division of Grand Apps has seen over 300% increase since Q1 2016. We now understand the power of social media marketing and how to use it for clients to be the most effective it can be. Social media marketing is one of 2016’s most powerful ways to communicate with customers and we have been putting a large emphasis on helping our clients understand this. We have also been seeing measurable results with trackable ROI.

Here is a case study for Flo’s Pizza, showing an increase of 20% at a store by only using social media marketing through Grand Apps.

We now have 20+ clients using Grand Social for their social media marketing services. We have also hired more people and built an actual team for our clients, giving them the highest level of service possible. We also invested into data tracking tools that help us pin point how campaigns are doing. We pair creative with strategy and goals to help clients see some of the best results possible. We also make sure we go above and beyond with everyone.

New Hires – Growing Team

Grand Apps is welcoming two new hires (shhhhh, we can’t say much yet). But they will be creative and focus on helping us design campaigns, apps & websites. Both have graduated with a degree in design and marketing from local West Michigan universities. We will do a team high light soon about each of them.

Check out our latest member to our team, Gina.

We are investing in our company. We are investing in our clients. We understand that we need highly qualified people that can help us reach our vision of being one of the top agencies. We believe we finally have that team in place and are very excited for the rest of 2016!”

– Chris Ake, Partner Grand Apps

Mobile Apps – Getting Better!

We have some major updates for our mobile apps and are excited to launch them in 2016! We have new features, designs and strategies that will really help our current and future clients see massive ROI through mobile marketing.

Web Design

We are also growing our web design division, hiring more talent that will help us take our designs to the next level. If you want to see some of our current work, just check out 50 websites here we built. We have now built over 100-150 websites for clients.

New partnerships

As you see, we have been very busy and we are only just starting. We have also partnered with two organizations, offering our services to them. One recent article you may have read was our Van Eerden partnership, you can check it out here.

Our newest partnership is with the Brewers Professional Alliance. We will have more information to come in a formal press release soon about this.

Thank You!

In closing, we wanted to thank you for all the support and time to read this. We appreciate every single client and we appreciate every single loyal Grand Apps supporter. We love what we do and will continue to reach new levels of success by pushing our limits daily.