Case Study: Restaurants Apps

Oct 16, 2014 | App

So you have probably viewed the graphic case study just above…but we wanted to break down some reasons this business got to where they are with their mobile app.

This local Kalamazoo, Michigan business launched their mobile app back in January of 2014 and since have been promoting it after. The main focus for their app was online / mobile app ordering for customers. Since launching their app has had over 1,377 orders and 2,500 downloads.

Return On Investment

We wanted to show you just how powerful this app is for restaurants like this one. Let’s say the average app order was $30. If you take 1,377 orders multiplied by $30 you get $41,310…and the year still isn’t over.

Sales Per Quarter Average – $13,770

Estimated Sales Per Year – $55,080

Another thing to add is as more and more people get comfortable with app ordering, more people will download it / use it…only increasing their app sales. This app has potential to do over $80,000 in sales come 2015.

Promotion / Marketing

As a business you are already promoting yourself, such as this app client was. They have built up a solid web presence with social media followers, not to mention high traffic in store foot customers. This means launching the app was easy! Just letting people know about it generated tons of downloads. We love helping small businesses drive traffic to their app with tips & help. Also make sure you keep following our blog for hidden gold nuggets here and there for app marketing help.

Are You Ready?

So after looking at this, what if we asked you are you ready to make $20,000+ on your investment? I would hope the answer is yes! We have a proven system that will work & help you drive traffic to your business. Chat with us today on our website OR shoot us an email at

Thanks for the read & make sure you share the wealth of knowledge we provide you.