Case Study: Fitness & Health Apps

Oct 13, 2014 | App

If you are selling an app, times are pretty exciting right now in the last quarter of 2014…especially in the Fitness Industry.

In one of our previous articles, read here, we showed you just how to sell your app and make money. We now have compiled a short case study that we wanted to share with you as well.

This case study was done over the course of the first three quarters in 2014 with an app client in the Fitness Industry. This client sold his app for $1.99 to his social media followers, earning a huge return on his investment. Another great thing about selling your app to your followers is when your brand grows, your social followers grow and so do your app sales.

Starting Point

Our client started out with using many social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Etc. When he started he only had about 85,000 followers on Facebook & since then has increased!

He launched the app with a few posts on the Social Channels spread out over a month, generating some massive app downloads. To this date, his app has grossed over $13,000 and continues to generate revenue every single day.

Get Your App. Make Your Money.

We found some pretty interesting metrics here. The primary marketing for his app was through Facebook, so we took the following.

App Sales / Facebook Followers = 7.5% Average.

So think about how many Facebook followers you have & do the following.

Facebook Followers (TIMES) 7.5% = X

Take that “X” Amount & (TIMES) that by $1.99. When you get this number multiply it by 70% because Apple & Android take 30% of all app sales. Then you have the amount you can earn on your app!

Average Fitness Athlete / Public Figure let’s say has 250,000 followers on FB.

250,000 x 7.5% = 18,750.

18,750 X $1.99 = $37,312.5 (take away 30%) = Over $26,000!

These are small averages & very real!

So what are you waiting for? We have the recipe here to sell your app and make money. Contact us today to get started!

Read Case Study Here.