Case Study: 369 Web Leads

Dec 27, 2016 | Marketing

We’re back with a brand new case study! In 2016 we were tasked out to help Allied Roofing by building them a brand new website & generate online leads for their business.

Also, this is the Greek Alphabet.

You are probably thinking now, what does building a website for a client and the Greek Alphabet have in common? Well, when we took over our client, their website was hacked & the website was covered in Greek words, making it impossible for their West Michigan prospects to read.

We took over the website, created a new design that was highly convertible from their previous design. We’re actually disappointed we didn’t screenshot it just to prove it.

Since Grand Apps took over this clients website & digital marketing, we were able to produce over 300+ web contacts throughout 2016, 369 to be exact.

Just look at December 2016 alone, over 13 contacts in less than 20 days. We averaged just over 30 web contacts per month for this client using some social tactics for their digital campaign. Our goal in 2017, double this.

By The Numbers

– 6.8% conversion rate from web traffic to contact for Allied. Some experts say 1-3% is good.

– 369 total leads, more than 1 per day for one year.

– 5,000+ total website sessions from starting in Greek!

Applying The Numbers

Now we wanted to put some hypotheticals out there so you can gauge the success of such campaigns we run.

Let’s say each job is worth an average of $6,000 for a roofing project.

Let’s also agree that inbound leads are easier to close than outbound lead generation because they’re actively seeking you out. We like to think 20-30% close rates would be sufficient for inbound, but for the sake of this we will go very low at 10%.

369 Total Leads X 10% closed X $6,000 per job = $221,400 revenue generated.

What is each lead worth to your business? How much are you willing to get them? That is what we’re here for 🙂 Contact us today and see how we could put together a campaign for you. | 616.717.1151