Calling All Restaurants For Important Findings.

Dec 8, 2014 | Other

Recently it was found that Restaurants are the MOST searched for industry on mobile devices according to research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey.

This is huge! It proves everything we are saying here for restaurants.

Mobile is very important, it is so important that millions of people are searching for your restaurant on their device. Now think about your eat spot…is it mobile friendly? Do you have an app? If not, you could really be ticking customers off. If they cannot access information fast when they are searching for your on their mobile device, they might turn elsewhere.

75% of these customers said they chose a restaurant based on their search results. So almost all food goers are choosing their restaurant based on the fact of their mobile search.

Still not a believer?

Here are some more findings from this recent study.

  • iPhone owners are more likely to search for food joints on their mobile device.

  • 80% of customers prefer to browse the menu before dining (totally makes sense!)

  • About 62% of customers are less likely to choose their restaurant to eat at if the menu is not available. (Who really wants to gamble with their taste buds?)

Sure these are great findings, but the matter of the fact is, they are true. Having a strong online & mobile presence is not a luxury anymore, it is a must. You should really revisit your strategies before looking at other forms of advertisements. You know that we can help! But, we just wanted to show you our findings here and keep you informed for your next decision.

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