Building A Strong Company, The Local Feel.

Oct 24, 2014 | Industry News

Recently, people have been loving local business…in reality you should. The local feel of having a personal connection makes the purchasing / services process much easier. You can have real facetime (not iOS) & even connect on non business terms.

Some people still do not know Grand Apps or who we are, so we just wanted to give you a little more.

We are a local Michigan Mobile App Development Company, located in West Michigan, holding HQ in Grand Rapids. We started way back developing mobile apps for businesses back in 2011 and have been doing so ever since. Currently we have built 100+ apps and are looking to triple that number by 2016. We have built our team around some key factors and wanted to share with you & your business to help you grow as well. This does not just apply to a mobile app development company or app developers, but really any business.

Passionate Culture

The culture at Grand Apps is that mobile apps can really benefit businesses. We are firm believers in apps. We think you really should be passionate about your business, holding each other accountable. Everybody should come to work fired up! Everybody should be on the same page, holding similar company beliefs.

You should also be passionate about your brand. So many times bosses don’t think of the small things…like buying employees T-shirts. This could be a factor that turns your sales around. If you see them coming into work, dressed in company gear, you know they back your brand. When you see others on the weekends wearing it, you really know they believe. The only person that will build a passionate culture in your company is you. It starts with the power of one and grows from there.

Tips: If you are the decision maker, buy some company gear & give it away to employees. Don’t go cheap…buy some quality stuff.

The “Better Mentality”

We love this philosophy in our business. We are not just saying make better mobile apps, but what we are doing is trying to help each other out daily in making that person better in every single way. Sometimes we will focus on personal growth and others focus on health.

It is very important you allow growth & development for your team. They must be creators & thinkers not followers & doers. If you create a team environment where people can create and think, you will see maximum growth potential…but if you are the only person thinking & assigning tasks, you will only limit your growth to your own personal growth.

Tip: Give your employee self development books to read. Market these to them in a way that will be exciting for them to make them want to read it. Help them along with any challenges they may be facing, this means you must talk to every employee and find out what you could help them out with.

Grow your company with these tips & for more small business tips, mobile marketing & tons of extras…keep following our blog.