Building A Great Fitness App

Sep 14, 2015 | App

You’re looking around the gym at all of your clients & customers. You notice they seem to be working out their necks a lot more than before with down look neck rows…oh wait, they’re staring at their smartphones.

Your rapidly incline of people signing up for your fitness services are through the roof too! Time couldn’t be better, or could they?

As you take notice of the people staring down at their smartphones often during a workout, don’t think of them as a new generation that does not know how to get a proper workout in. Rather think of these people as a new generation that is attached to mobile apps and are used to downloading and using these apps. This offers you a brilliant opportunity to get your fitness business mobile by building a mobile app with Grand Apps.

What makes a fitness app effective?

Well, like most things, it must provide some useful content. You must build your app to have so many useful features it drives them coming back to your app. We actually have found a pretty awesome formula for building great fitness apps that has provided clients with upwards of $10,000+ in revenue in under one year. They’re building ROI faster than a newbie building pecs with beginner gains.

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Here are some examples of useful features to throw into your app list;

– Mobile Scheduling: Allow users to book appointments through your mobile app in seconds. They can select a time, a service & book.

– Workout Guides: Every gym trainer has a regimen they offer clients. Why not build out a generic workout guide in your app, have people download to try it out and build your mobile audience.

– Push Notifications: Now people have downloaded your app & are using the workout guide, you can send targeted messages to them straight to the mobile app. If you have any discounts or deals coming up, you can send to them directly.

These are three simple ideas of how to build a great fitness mobile app. If you contact us, we can setup an entire plan for you to help you through a guide of getting mobile.

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