Best Practices For Mobile Marketing With Grand Apps

Mar 3, 2015 | Marketing

Mobile marketing is really picking up steam in 2015 and we wanted to share some best practices with you before you started running ads for people to download your app. Our Grand Apps mobile app platform allows clients to make changes on the fly, send out messages to app users and so much more. We wanted to give some advice using the Grand Apps platform for your mobile marketing strategies.

Beautiful Design & Great U/I

Every app starts with amazing graphics & an awesome user experience. There is no reason to leave app users feeling lost and frustrated. You also want to come off very professional with high quality graphics (not to mention if you don’t build those in, your app probably won’t get approved by Apple).

Check out some awesome apps already built by Grand Apps

Hopefully you can use Photoshop or know someone who does, if not, you can hire the Grand Apps team to design your mobile app.

Know Your Data

It is very important that you learn what your customers like, then adjust from there. Our app platform has a built in analytics system that shows you where users are actually going in your app! This means you can see what tabs are working and what tabs are gaining no traction. If a tab feature is not getting visitors, delete it. You can also delete this on the fly with our app builder.

Speak With Customers

The last topic we wanted to talk about was communication. Your business and your customers should have an ongoing conversation. With our apps, you can send out push messages to them whenever you want. Our app platform gives our clients the ability to send out scheduled messages, send out geo fenced messages and more. The bottom line is you need to be talking with customers & gaining feedback and the push messages system is one of the best ways to do this.

If you want more info about mobile apps or Grand Apps, simply contact us soon as you like.

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